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What’s a libertoad?

It’s a disparaging term for libertarians, co-opted so we can make suggestive references to toad-licking.  And because we’re amused by the anti-libertarian tirades that paint us all as a bunch of heartless, idealistic, isolationist, fascist, cultish, contrarian, selfish, racist, childish, greedy, utopian, dystopian, coldly rational, unrealistic, anachronistic, techno-fetishizing, Rand-worshiping wingnuts.  In addition to being stooges of corporatism, agents of chaos, delusional peaceniks, hypocritical ideologues, drugged-out libertines, and argumentative simpletons who have a limited capacity for understanding moral shades of grey and the beneficent complexities of social engineering.  We also like to make sacrificial offerings of the weak and helpless to the free market god. Not because it’s necessary. That’s just for fun. Have I forgotten anything?

It’s possible that we are simple-minded.  After all, the premises we operate under tend to be simple: